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Its always a good idea to look around at what is available before you put your home on the market, but only look around enough to be satisfied that you can afford what you want. If you are staying in the same area going to opens can also be a great way of assessing which agent you would like to work with in selling your property. Once you have your place on the market you can easily stay in touch with the new properties coming on via the email alerts from the property portals or agents sites, ...
You should never take the first offer on your house – should you? You put your house on the market, first open home, BAM an offer!  It’s a little below what you had hoped, but within the range the agent quoted.  Great stuff.  Surely that means there is someone out there that will pay more – doesn’t it?  It is really important that home owners remember that the buyers coming through their property at the BEGINNING of the campaign are usually the HOTEST buyers. They are the ones tha...
We are all guilty of believing our home is that little bit more special than the one down the road, even real estate agents add the emotional $$ when selling their own homes! But in today’s market the key to a good and, hopefully relatively quick, sale is to price it accurately. It is important to see what else is on the market to compare to yours, but you need to remember that these are asking prices, not sale prices, so make sure you follow these properties and see how long they took to se...
Last week the Federal Government knocked back the NSW State Governments request for funding assistance for the North-West rail. They suggested more buses on that route.  Anyone that has driven down the M2 in peak hour (or taken 45 minutes to travel 3 kilometres down Castle Hill Road) can tell you the issue is about getting traffic off the road, not putting more buses on it! With more land being released for housing in the north-west it is only going to continue to get worse. The Federal Gove...
I am sure anyone with a mortgage is incredibly frustrated at the big banks consistently poort treatment of their customers. Yes, we appreciate that the cost of funds has increased, but given the banks are still making record profits, doesnt that mean they have found other ways to recoup that money? In fact the banks have increased their margin over RBA rates by 1.45% in recent years, meaning they are more than able to pass on the full cuts without a problem, just as they have for deposit holde...
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