Laing+Simmons Corporation

Established in 1967, Laing+Simmons is the leading boutique real estate franchise network in New South Wales. We are committed to doing things differently, challenging the norm and we are always seeking new and innovative ways to deliver a premium range of services to our customers.

Operating throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and in key regional locations, Laing+Simmons offers a full range of real estate services encompassing sales, property management, short and long-term leasing, market research, brokerage and valuations. 

Dedicated project marketing, strata management and commercial property divisions complete the picture.

Laing+Simmons was purchased by the Dexar Group in 2012. Coinciding with the change of ownership, Laing+Simmons unveiled a new growth strategy supported by the 2013 launch of a refreshed, revitalised, highly recognisable brand that stands us apart in the market place. 

Our new brand was established to underpin and support the strategic growth of our network as we seek to attract top performing real estate professionals in key markets around the state. We have the capacity to offer access to a range of back end services that enable our franchisees to focus on what they do best: serving their customers.

The customer experience drives our entire approach at Laing+Simmons. 


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